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SINCE 1996

an exceptional opportunity to provide completely innovative and tailored solutions to any area of the entertainment industry.

With our state-of-the-art equipment and professionally trained staff, we understand how to incorporate our services into realizing your vision.


HICLASS delivers effective sound coverage using high-quality audio systems tailored to the event space.

LED Screens

As an LED screen specialist with huge capabilities, we can offer a completely bespoke solution for your business.


Our professional lighting system gives you the ability to create dynamic vibrant colors and effects that will captivate your audience.


We totally understand how important the exhibitions for any product or company are, therefore, our goal is to meet client’s expectations in every regard.


We take care of all the tasks connected with your conference through the planning, development, organization and execution phases of the event.


Supporting all shapes and sizes, and each event requires specific stage to achieve success in a given circumstance.


Professional BusinessConference Needs.

We focus on every detail from A to Z to execute the excellent event for you. Our specialists will work with you from the beginning to make your vision come to life by putting together the right design plan and implementing it.

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we create masterpieces.

We believe in coming up with original ideas and turning them into creative work that is both innovative and masterpieces.

Producing all types of

Biggest Event!

Professional large

Conference Management

Arrange Annual Business

Gala Dinner

Everything you need to start your

Wedding Planning

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Providing all types of professional events

Our team works shoulder to shoulder, ensuring a project is never created in isolation.

The past 24 years have been spent leading and collaborating with strong companies and agencies that push the creative envelope and establish best practices to grow their events program.

Rafat Wadi

who we worked for

Our client experience

becoming a one of the elite companies in the whole region

The Pioneers in Jordan

We provide various artists, local and international, with our service in producing Technical Rider document for their concerts and events. We cover all the areas no matter the size of the event, such as musical instruments, sound, lighting, backline and the crew. As we are well known in the industry for our mastery in this service, it only comes natural that certain singers will only accept performing if the Technical Rider document came from our side.

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